Nothing But Guilty


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released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


HUMILITY Columbus, Ohio

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Trapped in my head another day lost
time keeps on turning my sanity's gone.

This fucking routine can't bare anymore my hands are shackled what's to live for?

Can't get ahead i just fall behind who are they fooling?
You think we're blind?

I have to work for all that I have your taking a handout you're nothing but trash.

I've fucking had it my eyes burning red I can't fucking take it you're stuck in my head
in a perfect world I picture you dead. This pressure keeps building I'll fucking collapse.

weight of this burden I carry no more. I gave up on you when you and walked out the door.

As life goes on and days go by you're out of the picture
the rivers ran dry

No room for you your time is done
a lifetime of nothing I'm fucking fed up and life is just perfect without you.

Everything's to gain
And nothings left to lose
Falsely accused I've done nothing wrong. Your fucking distrust insecure for so long.

Accuse me of lying but who's the liar here? You've got a guilty conscience you speak out of fear.

Who the fucks on trail? you or fucking me?
I strictly speak the truth you lie right through your teeth.

Lie through your teeth
lie through your teeth

I'm pushed to a point where I just dont speak

Lie through your teeth
lie through your teeth

My story holds strong and you're just weak.

Lie through your teeth
lie through your teeth

My future looks fine and yours looks bleak

Lie through your teeth
lie through your teeth

Don't tell me I'm crazy
You don't know me

Now you've asked too much. There's nothing left say. Just keep your fucking questions stay the fuck away.
Track Name: TABLE SAW
I am everything I wish I wasn't I am nothing to myself.
So many days wasting my time proving to you that I'm just fine.

You wanna talk
you wanna hear what I've got to say. But as soon as my mouth opens your mind goes astray.

Don't kid yourself you really don't care my anger. Depression all this fucking despair

these things I hold are mine to keep you won't help my problem. Just pointless speech.

When you lost all you got
there ain't nothing left
Just a 9-5 prison
Life's nothing but theft.

Habits of living. I don't know why I'm this way. The clock rings nine my boots are tied and I'm on my way.

Drive straight to hell hope I don't make it
this smile that I show is getting hard to fake..

Endless torture

Nothing to prove

In a prison of time
You're hanging by a noose

Day by day
eats you away
No feeling
No pain
Close your eyes and fade away.
the blindfolds on you're force fed this shit from the day you are born.
from the beginning meant for demise.

Listen close. But is it all true?
The plate of prescription that they feed you?
I'm tired
Tired of seeing
tired of screaming
the anguish is seering.

Turn it all off. And see for your self gather your own based on what you have felt.

bite the hand the feeds
Fend for your own it's time that we see.

Fighting, building our own path. The ground that you stood on is ground of the past.

own rules.
own opinions.
No more hate it's time that we win this.

War. Upon these streets
We fight for what we stand for
And We can't be beat.
Unified together and proud.
My heads feeling clearer my feet on the ground.

Make a difference for what you believe. Come together and stop this disease.
Track Name: DEPRIVED
Fucked up mentally. Do I even know the real me? Deprived of feeling happy.
Insomnia is breaking me.

Can't sleep closed eyes I am everything that you despise

Anxiety. Pushing away. no windows. No sunny days.
lay in the dark wide awake.
Give everything.
I just take.

Can't sleep closed eyes. I am everything you despise
Turn away
Left behind
Blank face
Closed mind.

Insomnia is ripping away at me
I've lost everything that I used to be
Never happy
Never content
Burn all you've built
For your selfishness

Never satisfied

I hope you choke on your words. You've pushed me too long
The thought of you is absurd

not scared of the future cause I forget the past
I build relationships that never last.

Build it up to watch it burn.
It's all on me I'll never learn.

Was it me? Or was it you?
The words I scream never get through.

Stomach is turning. Pure disgust.
I've got what I wanted but lacked the trust.

I'm losing my mind because of you.
Burning alive because of what you choose

Burning alive
Too many thoughts of self doubt.
Burning alive
From the inside out.

Burning alive
From the inside out.
Burning alive to many thoughts of self doubt
Burning alive and I'm nothing but guilty
Burn me alive

End this pain just kill me.